Markirenje poti na Goli vrh

Danes smo nadaljevali obnovitev poti od Čufarja na Goli vrh in naprej navezava na Loško planinsko pot.

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    Zdej smo pa ena runda že vse pomarkiral!
    Bomo lahko začeli obnavljati naše, al pa kakšno pot (štejngce) narest!

  • Prachtig Bas, wat een buitenkansje om deze Torenvalk er zo mooi op te kunnen zetten.Knap werk om hem zo dicht te kunnen naderen en een mooie serie heb je gemaakt, compliment.Natuurkieker Coby

  • Great outfit! I love the burgundy combination with the yellows and greens!I have also moved a lot. Your post inspired me to count my addresses through life and I have had 18!! 4 of which were in different countries…I'm not sure I enjoy moving but I know what you mena about a fresh start…every so often I get the "itch"!

  • I’m definitely missing about half of these ingredients (and don’t want to get out of my pj’s either), but I DO have a head of cabbage in the crisper, and you’ve inspired me to turn it into soup.Cabbage soup always reminds me of Charlie Bucket’s poor family in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. =)

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